(Reviews) Comics Beat, Medium.com and Effective Nerd

There's an awesome feature on Witch Creek Road in the Comic Beat's series, "A Year of Free Comics". They describe it as, "your favorite survival horror movie in comic form", and you can read it here.

Medium.com also lists Witch Creek Road in their article, Five Comics to Read on Halloween, where they write, "...it will engage you intellectually, as well as viscerally. In its essence, Witch Creek Road is a very Lovecraftian horror. It also reminds me of The Cabin in the Woods because of its tendency to take a cliched premise and completely twist it and because of its dark humor."

(FYI, some of the other comics medium.com calls out are pretty great, so Witch Creek Road is in great company!)

Finally, effectivenerd.com also took the time to review Witch Creek Road, and writes, "Overall, Witch Creek Road is a fantastic horror series. The story excels at starting simple before becoming more and more complex. This style is good for always keeping the reader guessing. You truly never know what is around the next corner." You can read the entire review here.