Witch Creek Road S3 E1 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 1 (aka Stories from the Recently Deceased, Part 1)

The Serpent drinks and smokes at the bar, while Julia looks on

We begin with Julia, the hot bartender with eyes for an attractive customer she refers to as "Mr. Movie". She observes that he's been coming in every night for the past few weeks, sits alone, orders a whiskey on the rocks and smokes a cigar. He speaks quietly to himself, and she imagines "he's running through lines. Like there's a movie set somewhere, and tomorrow he'll grace it with his presence. He'll shoot his scenes. And in the evening he'll be back here, drinking and preparing for the next day."

Though it's not stated, the man is the Serpent, and he's working for the Collector. He eventually tells Julia that she should take the night off; she believes it's a pick-up line, but he tells her to go home and feed her cats, which causes her to be embarrassed.

The Wolves circle the Serpent

Just then the door to the bar opens and the Wolves enter. The encircle the man, and the main demon comments that she can't seem to touch him. The serpent tells her he's covered in protective wards, to which she replies, "Ah... You always were a smart one."

From their interactions, we can infer that the Wolves and the Serpent have encountered each other before. They discuss the old man, and how "he has a girl who put down the Skinned Man". This, of course, is referring to Hailey and the events of Season 2. The main demon states that she wants to meet Hailey, and the Serpent replies, "You do yourself a disservice by thinking of her as a “girl”." The serpent goes on to describe Hailey as something created by the Curves to deal with creatures from the Angles – like a vaccine or an anti-body. "You look at people like prey," he says. "Like something beneath you. But that's only because you've never stayed somewhere long enough to encounter an anti-body."

The Serpent gets up to leave, and tells Julia for a second time that she should go home. She shrugs and says, "Sorry. I don't have any cats to feed."

The Serpent exits the bar, and the Wolves turn to face Julia.


Though not obvious, two eagle-eyed readers picked up on something in the smoke:

Comment from Webtoon reader regarding the face in the smoke

Comment from Webtoon reader regarding the face in the smoke

The panel they're referring to can be seen here:

An image of a face in the smoke

And though this is the most obvious instance, there are actually abstract faces in a few other panels, as well.

Julia observes that, "He talks quietly to himself as he drinks." She imagines he's an actor memorizing his lines, but if you take into consideration that perhaps there's something within the smoke, then it's also possible that the Serpent is speaking to the smoke.

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