Witch Creek Road S4 E10 Commentary

Episode 10 (aka Innsmouth Part 9)

The local helps Nadine escape from Faye


SUMMARY: Faye kills the cultists. Nadine appears out of options, but the local she met earlier hits Faye with his Jeep. With some reluctance, Nadine gets into the Jeep and the two of them drive away. Faye vows to find them.


NADINE'S PATH TO FREEDOM: When Nadine looks down the alley, she sees the Deep Ones watching the events unfold from afar. However, because one of them has already been killed by Faye, the others are keeping their distance. Unfortunately for Nadine, this means she can't escape the same way she came, due to the presence of the Deep Ones. Instead, her best chance is move past Faye while she's distracted. Nadine finds a knife, and while it's obvious the knife won't kill Faye, there's a chance Nadine might be able to hurt her enough that she can run away without Faye immediately catching her again. Unfortunately Faye sees Nadine approaching, so this is never put to the test.

THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY: After the local hits Faye with his Jeep, Nadine enters the vehicle with an obvious hesitation. Though the local has already helped Nadine escape the cultists once before, Faye has opened Nadine's eyes as to what this town is, and the fact that many of the townspeople are fish-human hybrids. Nadine is apprehensive to trust the local, but realizes that he's her best chance to get away.


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