Season 1 Creative Team


Garth Matthams lives on an island in Canada, with 2 rabbits, his beautiful wife, and the occasional spider that his previously-mentioned wife refuses to let him kill. He loves horror movies, comic books and visiting "haunted" locations, and one day hopes to be killed by an angry spirit (but also requests that any angry spirit wishing to take him up on this wait a good number of years before carrying it out...)

You can follow him on Instagram at garththegeek.



Kenan Halilović is a freelance comic book artist from Bosnia who spends his free time hanging out with his friends and family, drawing circles to summon the spawns of darkness from the depths of hell - no matter how cute or charming they might be! - and supporting his local football team.

You can follow him on Facebook at Kenan Halilović Art.



Dayna Broder is a big nerd (of small stature), who's living the dream immersed in comics. She received her MA in Sequential Arts from SCAD in 2017, and has been an editor at Webtoon since the beginning of 2018. She lives in LA with her two rats, and possibly too many books.


amb3r (colorist)

Bio coming soon...