Witch Creek Road S3 E10 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 10 (aka Heart in a Jar, Part 7)

Richard is understandably concerned about the dark figure that's watching them, but Charlotte points out that, “If it meant to harm us, we'd be harmed. Trust me, I fear “it” far less than I fear people. Like Charlotte's parents.”

The dark figure disappears

As she speaks, the dark figure disappears, and Charlotte admits that she may have waited too long before leaving the hotel. The angles have a negative effect on people, and “by the end, [Charlotte's parents'] eyes were filled with murder.” She says she fears the day Richard starts looking at her like that, and he replies, “Won't happen. You said yourself: the angles affect everyone differently.”

At this, Charlotte turns her attention to her unborn baby, commenting, “And what of our little one? Will the angles seep into them? Like poison?” She then speaks to the unborn child directly, apologetic: “Your life will be hard, little one. Harder than normal. And you'll be innocent. You're not going to understand why bad things keep happening to you.”

Charlotte says they need to protect the child. And they need to protect Richard. Richard asks who he needs protecting from, and Charlotte replies, “Pandora.” Richard is confused, saying, “But... you're Pandora.”

Charlotte replies, “No, I'm just her heart. Think of it like this... If we walked to the river and filled a bucket with water, we wouldn't suddenly have a river in a bucket. It's the same with me. Pandora's the river, and I'm... I'm just a bucket of water.”

Charlotte also tells Richard that they need to be ready because Pandora's dangerous. “Don't let my stories fool you,” she says. “I've made her sound like a victim, and that may have been true in the beginning, but time has changed her.”

Charlotte also tells Richard that, should something happen to her, and should Richard decide to keep the heart, to hand it over to Pandora if she ever comes looking. “She'll kill you otherwise, she explains. And she also tells Richard that, if reunited with Pandora, whatever experiences and memories she has will become Pandora's. “Remember... I love you. And if reunited with Pandora, she'll love you, too.”

Pandora arrives, looking for her heart

Meanwhile, we return to the present; Pandora has arrived at the old man's house. The Wolves are already there, and Pandora asks for the heart. The old man directs her to where it is, and tells her, “You used to love me, you know.” Pandora replies, “Not me, old man. I find it interesting that the one part of me that might have loved you is locked away behind glass. Whereas the rest of me? I really don't give a shit.”

The old man replies, “Tell Charlotte I say “Hi” when you two get re-acquainted.” Pandora asks who Charlotte is, and the old man points toward the heart. Pandora smiles and says, “Yeah, that's not going to happen,” and shoots him.

The old man is shot

Note that the original image was cropped a bit for Webtoon, so you don't see the rather distraught expression of the short-haired demon. Remember that the short-haired demon is Shaleeta (as revealed in Season 2), and Shaleeta has some experience with the old man. Knowing that she actively participated in his death would be a cause for concern.

THE EFFECT OF ANGLES: In Episode 8, Charlotte mentions, “The problem is, creatures from the angles are not meant to live within the curves. They infected the world with fear. And people could feel the angles working through me. For some, it was mild. Others were affected more deeply.”

Even though Charlotte only possesses Pandora's heart, being in constant contact with people would potentially begin to affect them in negative ways. And if her parents were more susceptible to the influence of the angles, this might reveal itself as paranoia (as seen in episode 5), and eventually violence.

THE OLD MAN'S MISTAKE: The Scarred Woman was there for the heart - and though it was in the possession of the old man, the Scarred Woman may have taken him as a collector, rather than someone who had had a previous relationship with one of her "pieces". At least, not at first. When he mentioned that the Scarred Woman used to love him, she just laughed, and reminded the old man that it wasn't her. It wasn't until he told her the heart's name that she decided to kill him.

The name itself (Charlotte) would have had little meaning to the Scarred Woman. But the fact that the old man was referring to the heart as a separate entity was troubling. It indicated there was a definite relationship there, and she wasn't about to let that stand. So she killed him and removed the possible obstacle that the old man represented.

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