Witch Creek Road S3 E9 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 9 (aka Heart in a Jar, Part 6)

The story returns to Charlotte and Richard, with Richard saying, “Let me guess... the end?” Charlotte jokes, “Ah, you know my stories so well,” to which Richard replies, “I know the beginning of that story well. You have yet to finish it.”

Charlotte and Richard sit on a park bench

It's June 6, 1972, a little more than 2 years after the last time we saw them. A few things have changed since we last saw Charlotte and Richard: for starters, Charlotte is pregnant. It appears that whatever reservations Richard had had toward her have since disappeared. We can also infer, from their dialogue, that Charlotte has told this particular story a few times, but never made it passed the part where she summoned the Wolves. Charlotte explains that she doesn't particularly like how the story ends.

Richard tells her, if she doesn't like the end, then she should change it. “People do it all the time," he says. "Not on purpose, mind you. It's a defense mechanism. Life isn't a collection of events as much as it's a collection of lies and rewritten memories. Otherwise we'd never be able to sleep at night. We downplay the bad and focus on the good. We edit them so they're more pleasing.”

Charlotte tells him that's cheating, so Richard offers a compromise: give him both version. Charlotte accepts this advice, and begins with an idealized version of the events - what she wished had happened - and moves on to what actually happened.

Pandora meets the Wolves for the first time

Charlotte explains that the Wolves came through the door and already knowing who she was, with the main Wolf saying, “Hello again,” and telling the others, “It's the Scarred Woman.” The main Wolf also tells Pandora that, “You need to put yourself back together,” and explains that, “Your body wants to be whole. It'll do the rest.” At that point, the Wolves leave and proceed to kill everyone within a ten mile radius.

We jump back to Charlotte and Richard. Richard assures her the story isn't too bad, and tells her, “People died, but it's not like you killed them.” Charlotte replies, “I kind of did. The worst thing is, even knowing what the Wolves were, I continued to summon them. And each time they came, more people died. But they were my only friends, you know? They accepted me.”

Richard asks if she's seen the Wolves recently, and Charlotte tells him no, though “[she] thought they were close a few times. But it turned out to be something else. Something different.”

She tells Richard that the not-quite-a-Wolf was in his hotel room, that first night be stayed. And again in the diner, when they had coffee the first time. Richard asks, “Why didn't you tell me?” and Charlotte replies that, at the time, she wasn't certain. Richard asks how she can be certain now. “Because,” she says, pointing toward a dark figure. “It's standing right over there.

“HELLO AGAIN”: Even though this is the first time Pandora meets the Wolves, the Wolves experience time differently. They live within the Angles, a place outside of time where all events are happening simultaneously, so to them, this is just one of many meetings with Pandora. As such, the main Wolf greets Pandora with a certain familiarity, despite Pandora not know who she is.

THE WOLVES AS FURIES: The appearance of the Wolves is fluid, and changes depending on who is summoning them. In Ancient Greece, they take on the form of Furies - which is fitting, because Pandora was the victim of attempted murder.

The Furies, also called the Erinyes, were Greek goddesses of vengeance. They were sometimes represented as three sisters, who were born from the blood of Uranus: Alecto (who punishes moral crimes), Megaera (who punishes infidelity, oath breakers and thieves), and Tisiphone (who punishes murderers).

An image of the Furies

Images of the Furies often depict them with snakes – in terms of the Wolves, snakes were included in their design as bracelets. In addition, they are sometimes shown as having wings, and sometimes not. And sometimes, in the same image, one will have wings while the other does not. As such, we decided to only have the main Wolf possess wings.