Witch Creek Road S3 E8 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 8 (aka Heart in a Jar, Part 5)

Though a lot of readers picked up on the Pandora reference last episode, it's confirmed here when the void god asks the Scarred Woman her name, and she replies Pandora. The god goes on to say, “They will tell stories about you, little Pandora. The will tell stories about the girl who released us into this world. You will be immortalized in words.” Pandora tells the god that she doesn't care about this, and that she desires “true immortality. Not just in words, but in body.” The god laughs, pointing out that “The stench of time is hardly on you. How many generations have already turned to dust while you remain young and beautiful.” Pandora replies that it won't last.

In the end, the god agrees with her request, and shapes her into his avatar, telling her, “You will walk the world, both within time, and without. You will be the physical embodiment of the angles... Here, within the curves.”

Pandora finds evidence of the monsters for years to come

Pandora leaves the beach, and “for years afterwards [she] would find evidence of those monsters that had entered the world.” She also mentions that, “The problem is, creatures from the angles are not meant to live within the curves. They infected the world with fear.” And the problem is, because the angles now work through Pandora, she affected those around her in adverse, sometimes violent, ways. This causes her to avoid people and to live “on the outskirts of civilization, only venturing into towns when absolutely necessary.”

She's eventually found by a group of men who blame her for all the problems of the world. They attack her.

Pandora is attacked

Pandora recounts, “I forgot I could not die, and for a moment I was terrified. I could feel them cutting me... the weight of my intestines as they spilled onto the ground... but there was no pain. I waited for it to be over. Eventually they grew tired and left.”

The episode ends with Pandora gathering up her insides, stumbling about in the darkness until she came across a house, finding a corner and doing the only thing she could think of: she drew a door.

THE WOLVES: When Pandora draws the door, we see three sets of eyes in the darkness. We can assume that the Wolves are about to make their “first” appearance within the curves.

THE INFLUENCE OF THE ANGLES: Pandora observes that the angles influence people in different ways, and that with some, they caused violent reactions. This might explain some of the reason for the apparent hatred of Charlotte's father toward Charlotte. Though he does mention that Charlotte is no longer his daughter, the angles are also likely influencing him and magnifying his negative emotions.