Witch Creek Road S3 E13 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 13 (aka Meanwhile, With Edwin, Part 2)

Jay is on watch, and he's bored. He leaves the motel room and walks to the office – presumably to inquire about the Wi-Fi password (which he had asked about at the end of the previous episode). However, once at the office, he finds Edwin – but this Edwin, aside from holding a mask in his hand, looks normal. “No hard feelings, okay?” Edwin says.

Jay asks Edwin, “Why are you doing this? We were your friends.”

Edwin replies, “I'm doing this because you're my friends. [...] I'm becoming something different. Something better. I'm evolving. But your memories cling to me. [...] I'm not what I was, and I can't become what I need to be. [...] Memory is a funny thing. Ideas are a funny thing. And when they're shared... They can shape reality.”

Edwin prepares to put on his mask

Throughout this conversation, Edwin has been changing. Bugs begin to crawl out of him, and he finally puts on his mask. “As long as you remember how I was, I can never truly move forward.”

Edwin tells Jay that he'll make it easy on them, and shows Jay an image of Kevin asleep in bed. “Watch,” he says, as a wasp lands on Kevin and enters his ear. “All it takes is one.”

Jay wakes to find Kevin standing over him. Kevin is angry that Jay fell asleep, and Keifer reminds Kevin that they're all running on empty.

Kevin then goes to use the bathroom while Jay tells Keifer and Amity about his dream. Kevin quickly exits the bathroom, saying there's a wasp, and he asks Amity if she had noticed any while she had been in there. She says no, and Jay comments that this is like his dream. They all go to investigate and see two more by the window; they decide it's time to leave.

WASPS: Part of the idea for this episode came from the fact that, for about a month, wasps started appearing in my bathroom – and sometimes more than one at a time. It got to the point that I searched my bathroom and its closet for a wasp nest, but found nothing. Eventually, it stopped, but it was unnerving during that time.


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