Witch Creek Road S3 E14 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 14 (aka Meanwhile, With Edwin, Part 3)

It's night; they come across an all-night gas station and stop for gas, and so Jay can use the washroom. However, just as Kevin's about to fill up the car, Edwin appears. Kevin freaks out a bit, hops back into the car, and starts honking for the others to come back. Once they've put some distance between them and and gas station, Keifer asks what happened; Kevin replies that he saw Edwin.

Jay asks, “Mask? Ratty blanket draped over him?”

Kevin replies, “Maybe. I think so,” to which Jay confirms, “Yeah, that was him.” Kevin asks how Jay knows this, and then realizes Jay's still talking about the dream he had earlier.

Just then Kevin notices a 'Welcome to Kansas' sign and realizes they've “spent the night driving in the wrong fucking direction”. Keifer tries to comfort Kevin, but Kevin replies, “Nope, I'm done. There was a motel a few miles back with a vacancy sign. Let's just call it a night and start fresh tomorrow.”

Jay points out, “You said you saw Edwin, and now you're wanting to call it a night?” to which Kevin replies, “Let him come. At least we'll be ready.”

The group argues over who will keep watch

As they drive toward the hotel, they argue over who will keep watch. Jay offers, but Kevin reminds Jay he fell asleep the last time. Kevin says he will, but Jay doesn't like that idea because he saw Kevin get infected with a wasp, and Kevin reminds Jay it was just a dream.

Jay points out that Kevin is probably infected, and that's why they spent the night driving in the wrong direction. Kevin replies that no one else seemed to notice, either.

Amity offers to keep watch, but Kevin tells her, “Yeah, because finds wasps in the bathroom immediately after you came out wasn't suspicious at all... Maybe you got infected and let me go in after you to get infected, too? Only I was too smart.”

Finally Kevin says, “Me and Keifer,” and then goes to check them in. Once Kevin is out of the car, Jay comments that Kevin is losing it.

Once in the hotel room, Kevin thanks Keifer for keeping watch with him, saying, “I know I shouldn't, but... I trust you....” He then goes on to say that maybe Jay is infected, and Edwin is communicating with him through his dreams. Or maybe Amity is infected. But regardless, he doesn't believe more than one person is infected, “Because then there'd be two of you, and it would become a lot easier to overpower whoever was left. The moment the numbers are even, I think it's over.”

Keifer points out that Kevin could be infected and not even know it. “You don't know how this affects people," he says. "That infected part of you could have been controlling the turns you made. The directions you drove. Had us driving in the wrong direction all night. [...] I'm just saying you shouldn't be crossing anyone off your list.”

At this Kevin concedes that it could be anyone, including him.


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