Witch Creek Road S3 E15 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 15 (aka Meanwhile, With Edwin, Part 4)

Kevin, exhausted from his night keeping watch with Keifer, goes to check them out from the motel. Once out of the room, Jay begins with his snide remarks, asking Keifer what sort of “Kevin's craziness” is on the agenda for the day, and that “We should probably leave soon so we can get a head start on driving in the wrong direction.”

Keifer says that he'll drive and let Kevin sleep and that “things will be better.”

Just then, Kevin returns to the room, frantic, and slams the door behind him. “The manager's dead!” he says, and while Keifer and Amity are clearly shocked, Jay simply asks, “You killed the manager?!”

Kevin punches Jay

At this Kevin punches Jay, saying, “I'm getting really fucking tired of all your bullshit!” Jay tells Kevin that he's crazy and they all see it.

Kevin decides to leave. Keifer tells him they need to call 9-1-1, and Kevin replies, “Yeah. From the car. At a safe distance. You guys coming?” And then he turns to Jay and says, “Except you. You can go fuck yourself.”

Kevin gets into the car but it won't start. Keifer tries to calm Kevin down, and asks, “You're sure the manager's dead?” Kevin replies that the manager was torn apart. Keifer points out that, “Edwin infects. He's more subtle. Tearing someone apart doesn't sound like Edwin.” Kevin replies that maybe Edwin was sending a message, so Keifer suggests they all go look together.

Kevin is reluctant. Jay, on the other hand, is clearly annoyed, and says, “Do you know what we're going to find? Nothing. We're going to open [the office] door, we're going to find nothing, and then Kevin's going to act all confused and we're going to be like, 'It's okay, Kevin. You were tired. It was probably just your imagination playing tricks on you.' And you'll all be so relieved there's no dead body that everyone will conveniently forget that [Kevin's] crazy and violent.”

At this, Jay opens the office door, ready to call bullshit on Kevin's story, only to find a very dead motel manager inside.

THE BREAKDOWN OF THE GROUP: Though we've seen distrust amongst the members of the group, this is the first time we've seen things devolve into violence... which can beg the question, At this point, who are they in danger from the most? Edwin? Or each other?

THEORIES: One of the best, most well-thought-out theories I've read comes from LoneReaper115:

LoneReaper115's theories

Their use of symbolism and how everything ties together honestly makes me sad, but in the best of ways. I can't comment on whether the theories are correct, but I will say they're appreciated.


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