Witch Creek Road S3 E22 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 22 (aka The Circle, Completed, Part 2)

The episode begins with Hailey being confronted by the Wolves. Gun tells her to run, but Hailey stands her ground. "You're not what I expected," Hailey says.

"Really?" one of the Wolves replies. "Because you're exactly what I expected."

Hailey, full of misplaced confidence, wheels around to point Gun at one of the Wolves, but the Wolf easily catches her hand. It's at this point Hailey realizes she's made a mistake; the Wolf forces Hailey to the ground, where she pins Hailey's hand (and Gun) in place.

The Wolf sits atop Hailey

"What I don't understand," the Wolf muses, "Is why these little devices instill such confidence. So this here is the dangerous part?" she asks, pointing toward the muzzle of Gun. "This one little area at the end? Doesn't that leave you open to attack from all other angles? And what happens if you lose your finger? Does that mean you can't use it anymore?"

The Wolf proceeds to cut off Hailey's finger, and despite Hailey's pleas, the Wolf continues, cutting off Hailey's hand, and finally her arm. By this point Hailey has passed out, and the Wolves wonder if Hailey might be dead.

The Serpent smashes a decanter of whiskey against a bookshelf

The Wolves hear a smash; they turn and see the Serpent is standing just inside the room. He holds a decanter of whiskey, which he smashes against the bookshelf. He asks where the Scarred Woman is, and the main Wolf replies, “She left. We're just... entertaining ourselves. We were trying to find clues about the so-called anti-virus, and here she came to us. Not as impressive as we'd hoped.”

The Serpent lights a cigarette and throws it at the alcohol-drenched bookshelf, which ignites in flames. The Wolf reminds him, “Serpent, fire doesn't work on us.”

The Serpent replies, “I'm taking the girl. Oh, and one more thing... The fire... It wasn't for you.”

At this we see an angry, much more imposing version of Tenebris standing behind the Wolves.

Tenebris enters the fray

TENEBRIS: Way back when Tenebris first appeared, Brandingo 23 made the following comment:

Brandingo 23's prediction about Tenebris

And they were correct! Season 3, in general, has had a few instances of change. For starters, we saw Grace's "final form" just a few episodes ago.

Edwin also justified his actions by saying, "I'm becoming something different. Something better. I'm evolving. But your memories cling to me [and] as long as you remember how I was, I can never truly move forward.”

We also saw Pandora become the Scarred Woman. And we have yet to see if Sara's new mask will have any effect on her...


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