Witch Creek Road S3 E21 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 21 (aka The Circle, Completed, Part 1)

We return to Hailey, Tenebris and the Serpent, not long after the events of Season 3 Episode 3. Hailey sits at the counter; Tenebris is still beneath the overturned wine glass. He complains to Hailey. "Look at him," Tenebris says, motioning toward the Serpent. "Out there on the balcony, drinking his cheap scotch like some fucking king while I'm stuck in this glass like a chump."

Hailey agrees to release Tenebris from his temporary "prison" and lifts the glass up. Just then, as Tenebris dissipates into the air, Gun tells Hailey her grandfather has died. "He's been dead for a while," replies. "He died before I was born."

Gun tells Hailey he's referring to her biological grandfather. She asks how he knows this, and Gun replies, "I was in his possession for many years."

Hailey tells Gun to take her to her grandfather. As they leave the apartment, Gun informs her the Wolves are there. Hailey asks, "Can we kill them?" Gun replies, "I don't know," and Hailey decides it's time to find out.

At about the same time the Serpent returns to the apartment and realizes both Tenebris and Hailey are gone.

Tenebris frantically asks to go back under the glass

The Serpent lights a cigarette to bring Tenebris back – when he blows out some smoke, Tenebris frantically says, "Glass! Glass!" The Serpent, reaching for a glass, says, "Whoa, calm down. I don't think I've ever seen you wanting to go in there."

Tenebris replies that there's no time, and that this is just easier. He then relays to the Serpent what Gun told to Hailey: that the old man is dead, and that the old man was Hailey's grandfather. Tenebris also tells the Serpent that Hailey has gone to see her grandfather, and that the Wolves are also there.

The Serpent replies, "Not our problem anymore," referring to the fact that, with the old man's death, their contract is now done. "I played my part," he reminds Tenebris. "Kept her fed and hidden. Even gave the Wolves some bullshit story about how Hailey's a fucking anti-virus or something. Look, it's true that she's special... But special enough to take on Wolves? I doubt it."

Despite's Tenebris' concern for Hailey's safety, the Serpent tells him that Hailey's on her own.

The Wolves confront Hailey

Meanwhile, Hailey arrives at the old man's house. She finds him dead, and the episode ends with the Wolves confronting Hailey and saying, "You must be the girl. We've very much been looking forward to this."

HAILEY'S ATTITUDE: Hailey doesn't understand the potential danger the Wolves pose, and Devon posted a comment that, I believe, sums up Hailey's current mindset perfectly:

Devon's comment regarding Hailey's attitude

THE SERPENT CAN'T HEAR GUN: When Tenebris tells the Serpent that he learned about the old man's death (and the old man's relationship to Hailey) from Gun, the Serpent replies, "Am I the only one who can't hear that fucking gun?!" This is meant to reinforce that only some people can hear Gun speak, and this doesn't necessarily include supernatural beings, like the Serpent.


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