Witch Creek Road S3 E24 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 24 (aka The Circle, Completed, Part 4)

The Serpent, carrying an unconscious Hailey and her various body parts, arrives at the hospital. "I could use a little help here," he says.

We then jump forward in time slightly: Detective Thompson is rushing toward the hospital. The Serpent, who has been waiting for him, calls out from the shadows. Thompson replies, "Not now." The Serpent persists, telling Thompson they need to talk. Thompson, however, is uninterested - he's there to see his daughter - and he replies, "I don't have time for this." The Serpent steps out from the shadows. “I'm covered in your daughter's blood," he says. "Make time.”

Thompson demands the Serpent tell him about Hailey

Thompson grabs the Serpent by the collar, demanding the Serpent tell him what he knows about Hailey. "I swear to God," Thompson says, pulling out his gun. "I will shoot you if I don't start getting some answers."

The Serpent, calm as always, simply asks, "Is this really the way you're going to thank someone for saving your daughter's life?"

Thompson begrudgingly lets the Serpent go and asks, "Who the fuck are you?!" The Serpent replies, "Me? I'm just the guy who was told to protect Hailey."

"Yeah?" Thompson tells him. "That can't be true. Otherwise she wouldn't be in fucking pieces".

The Serpent tells Thompson that he'd been doing a decent job, up until Hailey decided to take on the Wolves, and proceeds to tell Thompson who the Wolves are. He then hands Thompson Gun, which Thompson recognizes. "Apparently is can talk," the Serpent says.

Frank holds Gun in his hands

Thompson takes the gun and looks at it.

"Hello, Frank," the gun says. "We have work to do."

THOMPSON'S SURVIVAL: When Thompson initially meets the Wolves (see Season 3 Episode 2), the main Wolf says, "You're different." While it's easy to attach this to her next statement - "I don't smell any fear" - she's actually referring to the fact that she can sense the angles within the detective. This prompts her to treat Thompson in a friendly manner.


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