Witch Creek Road S3 E25 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 25 (aka Sara's Epilogue)

The episode opens with a view of Sara's old house; Sara's mother is passed out at the kitchen table, a bottle of alcohol next to her.

Sara's mother awakens to the sound of Sara's voice. “Mom,” she says. “You need to stop. You need to sober up.”

Sara appears behind her mom

Her mother, elated at hearing Sara's voice, begins to turn, saying, “I thought you were dead.” But Sara stops her mother and tells her to face forward. “Don't look at me," she warns. "Because... we may sound like Sara. And if you were to look at us, certain parts would look like Sara. But... we're not Sara. Sara died in the woods. We're something different.”

The conversation continues, and Sara explains that something is asleep, but that it's close to waking up, and that her mother needs to leave because, “It's going to wipe this town off the map.”

Her mother replies, “How can I leave? Knowing that you're alive?”

She asks Sara to come with her. Sara tells her mother that she can't leave, because she belongs to the angles now. And with that, Sara needs to leave. She tells her mother, “I'm going to let go, and if you love me, you won't turn around. Please.”

Her mother asks, “Will I ever see you again?” and Sara replies, “No. But you can talk to me, if you wish. Just find an angle. If you talk, I'll hear you. If you listen, I'll answer.”

Sara's mother is alone again

Sara disappears with a final reminder - “Get out of town” - and a warning: “The old gods are waking.”

THE CLOSING OF SARA'S EYES: Midway through the conversation, Sara takes a moment to collect herself, and all but her main two eyes close. This is symbolic of the other personalities essentially "taking a step back" and giving Sara some privacy.

THE DISLOCATED SHOULDER: Sara compares being inside the angles to the time she dislocated her shoulder.

I've dislocated my shoulder twice. The first time they pumped me so full of painkillers that I remember nothing – one moment I was in the waiting room with my rugby coach, and the second I was “coming to” in another room, and my mom was standing at the door.

The second time, there were no painkillers. Just the words, “This is going to-” and me saying, “Hurt.” And the doctor smiled and shook his head and said, “No. It's going to feel strange.” And then he rotated my arm, and suddenly my shoulder was back in place. And it really was like a SHLOOP. I've thought about that moment a lot – can you tell?

"IF YOU LOVE ME, YOU WON'T TURN AROUND": This is a minor allusion to Orpheus leading Eurydice out of hell. In it, he was instructed to walk out of hell and Eurydice would be behind him - but he couldn't look back to confirm. He just had to trust that she was there. But near the end of the journey, and feeling that he'd been made a fool, he turned around - and in that moment he saw Eurydice one final time before she was pulled back into hell forever.

Sara is asking her mother not to look back. In this, Sara's returning to the Angles regardless, but wants to leave her mother with the memory of what she had been, rather than what she's become.


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