Witch Creek Road S3 E5 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 5 (aka Heart in a Jar, Part 2)

The episode picks up immediately after Charlotte's father dropped the bombshell, “I don't know who that person is. She looks like our daughter. She sounds like our daughter. But that's not our daughter.”

Charlotte's father tells Richard about Charlotte's operation

The father explains that, “ Charlotte was sick for quite a while. But she was young and her body was strong, so she was a good candidate for a heart transplant. At the time we thought it was a miracle. This new procedure that could save our little girl... But now we know we committed a blasphemy.”

The father mentions, “Charlotte is gone,” and explains that, after the operation, Charlotte was like a different person. Her taste in music, and food, had changed. And she “used to be left handed. But after the operation, she started to use her right hand. And for a time, she just kept switching back and forth, like she was trying to figure out her own body.”

In the end, the father tells Richard to “spend your night, leave in the morning, and never think of her again.”

We just forward a few days, to March 27, 1970, and we see Richard and Charlotte out for coffee. Charlotte comments, “I'm surprised you called. I thought my father would have scared you away.”

Richard and Charlotte, out for coffee

He mentions the father did try to scare him away, saying that Charlotte is no longer the same person. Charlotte admits that she's different, and points out, “I'm a girl who had her heart removed. Do you know how crazy that is?! I was dead for some of that. I must have been. And yet, here I am. Drinking coffee with you. A boy who seeks evidence of ghosts.”

Charlotte also mentions that truths are subjective, and says, “My truth is that I'm alive because I have someone else's heart. My parents' truth is that Charlotte went into the operating room, and something else came out.”

Richard asks which is true.

“They're both true,” Charlotte replies. “This isn't Charlotte's heart. And I'm no longer Charlotte. Charlotte's still in here - we talk all the time – but... Richard, you spend your time looking for something more... I'm what you're looking for. I'm the more.”

THE HEART: Season 2 ends with the Scarred Woman asking the demons, "Now... who wants to help me find my heart?" When the Wolves visit the old man in Season 3 Episode 3, the old man mirrors this statement slightly by saying, "Now... I assume you're here about a heart."

Episode 5 reveals that Charlotte received a heart transplant, and her personality changed afterwards - it can be assumed that Charlotte's heart is, in fact, the Scarred Woman's heart.

The Scarred Woman's body parts have also come into play previously, with the graphic novel, The Living Finger, published by Darby Pop.

Cover to The Living Finger trade paperback

ORGAN TRANSPLANTS: Organ transplants are fairly common now, but the first heart transplant didn't occur until 1967. The recipient survived only 18 days. Survival rates were quite low in those early years, so when Charlotte's father mentions, “Apparently they're lucky to make it past the first year,” it's a sadly accurate statement for the time they live in.

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