Witch Creek Road S3 E6 Explained (Spoilers)

Episode 6 (aka Heart in a Jar, Part 3)

The episode begins on March 30, 1970, a few days after Richard and Charlotte met for coffee. He's had some time to digest what was said, about how she's no longer Charlotte but that, “Charlotte's still in here – we talk all the time,” and that she's the “more” that Richard's looking for.

Richard confronts Charlotte about her claims of being "the more"

Richard confronts her with, “Prove it” - referring to the fact that Charlotte claims to now have two people living inside of her. She replies that she can't, saying, “How could anyone prove something like that?” Richard suggests a polygraph test. She asks if he has one, to which he says no.

Charlotte closes the front desk and leads him to room 101 where they can have some privacy. Once inside the room, she asks what he wants her to say. He admits that he doesn't know, but that, “I've been thinking about what you said at coffee, and... it just seems so unlikely.” Charlotte points out that he originally came to the hotel looking for unlikely things, and that, “If you're open to the possibility of ghosts, and to the idea that someone's spirit might continue to exist after death, is it really so much of a leap that someone's spirit might be attached to an object instead of a place?” Richard asks if this is what happened, and Charlotte laughs, saying, “No, that's crazy. Spirits don't live in hearts,” and admits it was a bad example.

Charlotte explains that it's okay not to believe her

To simplify things, she says, “You don't have to believe I'm not Charlotte. That's fine. Just accept that I believe I'm not Charlotte. Maybe it's my way of accepting that someone had to die in order for me to live. Maybe believing their spirit lives within me is my way of coping. That doesn't make me a bad person. That doesn't make me crazy. I'm just... I'm “eccentric Charlotte” who works at her parents' hotel.”

She tells Richard that Charlotte's just happy to be alive. She also says that Charlotte likes it because “it never gets lonely. And she finds my stories fascinating. Stories about when I was young and whole. Not just a heart, but an entire body. It's a story about a time before time even existed. A story about angles and gods and wolves that look like girls.”

Charlotte then offers to tell Richard the story, but to get comfortable because “it's a long one.”

THE HEART: The body parts of the Scarred Woman continue to live and function separately from the Scarred Woman. When introduced to a new host body, they become the dominant personality; however, they tend to take ownership of the body's name (in this case, Charlotte), rather than using the name of the Scarred Woman. This can also be seen in Jason's interaction with “Wendy” in 'The Living Finger':

JASON: So. What's your name?

WENDY: Wendy.

JASON: No, no. Your real name.

WENDY: I don't have a name.

JASON: Everybody's got a name.

WENDY: When I was whole.

JASON: But not now?

WENDY: Of course not now.

JASON: Why not?

WENDY: Well... What is Jason? Is your hair Jason? Is your arm? Is your finger? You could lose any of these things, and you'd still be you. You exist up here. [She points to his head]. Your soul is up here. Everything you are is up here.

JASON: There's one difference. When you cut off my hair, or my arm, or my finger, it doesn't continue to live.

WENDY: And if it did? Would it then become Jason? Or would you retain that right?

JASON: ...

WENDY: See? Not so simple, is it?

ROOMS 413 and 101: Though the number 413 was chosen for its potential meaning – the number 4 is associated with death in some cultures, and 13 is associated with bad luck – both 413 and 101 have also been the last two unit numbers I've lived in. Sadly, no paranormal activity occurred while living in Unit 413.

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