Witch Creek Road S4 E1 Commentary

Episode 1 (aka The Shark)

SUMMARY: Faye recounts the story of the death of her best friend, Chris, in which she almost drowned and was “saved” by a demon shark. The shark offered Faye a chance to become strong in exchange for the occasional sacrifice. The story ends with Faye turning to her current companion and telling him, “The shark is hungry.”

Faye and the demon shark

FAYE: Throughout the conversation with the shark, we learn that Faye suffers from some sort of mental health condition – likely social anxiety disorder.

INNSMOUTH: This story takes place in the waters just off of Innsmouth. For anyone familiar with Lovecraft, this should be a familiar name, and features heavily in the Lovecraft novella, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”.

“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is in the public domain, so finding a version online isn't too hard. There are also some good audio versions, such as the one by Mike Bennett, which you can find on Youtube:

LOVECRAFT: Lovecraft influences shouldn't come as a surprise by this point. Season 1 had a very brief mention of Dunwich (which Dirk refers to as DUMBwich) – another fictional town in the Lovecraft universe. The Wolves, as well, are also heavily influenced by the Hounds of Tindalos.

TRIVIA: This is the one and only episode of season 4 that features a guest artist – and the reason for this is because the episode was completed back in Season 2. Yup, we've been sitting on it for almost two years. The original intention was to introduce the Serpent and the Shark in Season 2, but due to the Serpent not appearing again until Season 3, and Faye not returning until Season 4, it was felt that introducing them later would be best.


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