Witch Creek Road S4 E2 Commentary

Episode 2 (aka Innsmouth Part 1)

A road trip to Innsmouth


SUMMARY: After hearing that Innsmouth is a great place to surf, a group of teens takes a weekend road trip to the nearby town to check things out. After arriving in Innsmouth, they stop at a beach to stretch their legs. They meet two locals who tell them the water around Innsmouth is good for the locals, but not necessarily good for tourists. Nadine also loses a bet and has to give one of the locals her phone number as a result.

The episode ends with a rather foreboding comment from one of the locals that the teens will “all be dead by morning.”

FULL CIRCLE: Season 1 began with a group of teens getting lost in the woods. Season 4 begins with another group of teens – but instead of the woods, they find themselves in the rundown town of Innsmouth.

ARCHETYPES and STEREOTYPES: When I first started sending Kenan the scripts for these episodes, I hadn't yet decided on names for the characters. Instead, I referred to them as their stereotypes: the Jock, the Hot Girl, the Comic Relief, the Girl Next Door, and the Nice Guy.

CHARACTER NAMES: Though not everyone is introduced in this episode, their names are as follows: Dave (the Jock), Ashlee (the Hot Girl), Oliver (the Comic Relief), Nadine (the Girl Next Door), and Grant (the Nice Guy). If you take the first letter of each of their names, you can arrange them to form the name of a deity heavily associated with Innsmouth. Yeah, I was being super pretentious when I chose their names =P

FAYE: Faye (introduced in the previous episode) is mentioned in this episode as the reason why the teens are going to Innsmouth. “[Faye] said the water around here is amazing.”

HOLDING ONE'S BREATH: People can generally hold their breath for 30-90 seconds – so it's perfectly reasonable for Nadine to be proud of being able to stay underwater for three and a half minutes. However, the record for holding one's breath is a whopping 24 minutes 37.36 seconds, set by Budimir Šobat from Croatia. In other words, while the seven minutes the local was attempting would be quite difficult, it's definitely attainable with the right training.


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