Witch Creek Road S4 E3 Commentary

Episode 3 (aka Innsmouth Part 2)

The Gilman House Hotel


SUMMARY: The group arrives in town; much to Ashlee's dismay, they're staying at the rather rundown Gilman House Hotel. Dave informs the group that there are only two hotels to choose from in Innsmouth, and the other option is even worse.

The sounds of Dave and Ashlee having sex in the next room causes Nadine to leave the hotel; Grant and Oli join her in exploring the town.

THE GILMAN HOUSE HOTEL: This is a prominently-featured location in the story, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", and is one of the main landmarks in Innsmouth. It's located in the town square, and the bus that travels between Innsmouth and nearby cities leaves from outside the hotel. Not that many people travel to Innsmouth - most people have the good sense to stay away.

CHAD: At one point Oli, in response to the noise of Dave and Ashlee having sex in the next room, calls out, "Pace yourself, Chad! It's a marathon, not a sprint!"

Before I had settled on names, there were a few instances where placeholder names had been used in the script. This is an example where one of them was missed and made it through to the final episode. Oops.

BOYKO: One of my biggest pet peeves is coming up with names. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes, I end up just "borrowing" names from friends. In season 1, for example, five of the characters who go into the woods are based on friends. Two other characters that get mentioned in passing are also based on friends. "Boyko" falls into this category, with me borrowing the name from my coworker.


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