Witch Creek Road S4 E4 Commentary

Episode 4 (aka Innsmouth Part 3)

Nadine, Oli and Grant visit and ice cream parlor


SUMMARY: Not wanting to sit around in their hotel room listening to Dave and Ashlee have sex in the next room, Nadine, Oli and Grant decide to explore the town. By the time they return to the hotel, it's night. Nadine hopes to be able to reclaim her room (which she's sharing with Ashlee), but gives up when she sees a bra hanging from the doorknob.

The episode ends with Nadine receiving a mysterious text telling her she's in danger and to run... NOW!


ICE CREAM: The ice cream parlor Nadine, Oli and Grant visit has some odd flavor choices. This is meant to provide a brief glimpse into the fact that this town isn't normal. And, for anyone wondering, all those flavors exist in the world. I actually spent an evening Googling seafood-inspired ice cream flavors, and narrowed things down to the following ice cream being present in the shop: Brandied Sardine, Squid Ink, Soy Octopus, Buttered Lobster, Fish Sauce Caramel, Strawberry Tuna, Wasabi Cuttlefish, Pineapple Shrimp, Unagi, Caviar, Scallops, Seaweed, Lemon Salmon and Chili Crab

In fact, I even provided screenshots of the ice cream so that Anna would know what colors to use.

INNSMOUTH LOOK: The girl working in the ice cream shop explains that people generally look down on Innsmouth and say that people from Innsmouth look funny. She does, however, acknowledge that the owner of the hotel looks funny, and that they call him "Mr. Fishman". For what she hopes are obvious reasons.

UNAGI: The scene of Grant trying unagi and enjoying it was "borrowed" from my own life. And no, I didn't eat unagi ice cream. But I spent six and a half years living and working in Japan, and I grew quite fond of unagi sushi. I had no idea what it was - only that it tasted good. I eventually learned that it was eel, which is something I would have ever knowingly tried - but by then it was too late. I liked it and wasn't about to stop eating it!

THE MYSTERIOUS TEXT: In case it's not immediately obvious, the text came from the handsome local Nadine met at the beach.


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