Witch Creek Road S4 E5 Commentary

Episode 5 (aka Innsmouth Part 4)

The cultists enter the room


FULL DISCLOSURE: This episode was posted with about a third of it missing. In the summary, I'll be discussing the episode in the way it was intended to appear - not in the way it was uploaded by Webtoons. (UPDATE: Webtoons has fixed the error; the entire episode is now posted and available to read.)


SUMMARY: After receiving a text from an unknown number, Nadine shows the very ominous texts to Grant and Oli. Before they can follow the instructions in the texts (which is to run), Nadine hears people coming up the stairs. Grant also looks out the window to see people on the street below. They lock the door, turn out the lights and hide. Unfortunately the strangers (which I'll refer to as "cultists" from this point onward) have a key to the rooms. Nadine, Oli and Grant here the cultists enter Dave's and Ashlee's room next door, and then enter their own room. The first cultist in the room is the local they met earlier at the beach. He sees the trio, but convinces the other cultists that the room is empty. Once the others have left, he tells Nadine, Grant and Oli that it's too late for Dave and Ashlee, and that they need to get out of town.


THE LOCAL: The local appears surprised to see Nadine, Grant and Oli. He was the one who had texted, and had hoped Nadine had followed his instructions.

Once he realizes they're in the room, he acts quickly. He opens the closet doors, making it seem like they might be hiding inside. In truth, he's opening the doors in an attempt to block the trio from view behind the now-open doors, in case the other cultists enter the room.

The local also creates a sense of urgency with the other cultists, telling them, "They're probably out there somewhere, and the longer we waste here, the harder it'll be to find them." This prevents the other cultists from hanging around too long, since they don't want the teens to escape.


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