Witch Creek Road S4 E6 Commentary

Episode 6 (aka Innsmouth Part 5)

Nadine, Oli and Grant hide in the room until the coast is clear


SUMMARY: After being helped by the local they'd met earlier on the beach, Nadine, Grant and Oli lay low in their room until the coast is clear.

They leave the hotel through the back door, and duck into a nearby business where Nadine calls 9-1-1. Her phone gets taken away by a newcomer, who destroys the phone, telling Nadine that the police are in on it.

The newcomer is Faye, the "crazy chick who dropped out in Junior year after her boyfriend died." Just then the cultists arrive. Faye explains the cultists want to sacrifice Nadine, Grant and Oli to their god, but Faye won't let that happen. Instead, Faye will sacrifice them to her god.


FAYE: We met Faye previously, in Season 4 Episode 1. Like the Scarred Woman, Faye is the avatar of a god. You'll get to see a bit of what Faye's capable of in the next episode...

THE TOWNSPEOPLE: Grant tells the others that, when he looked out the window earlier and saw the crowd below, the people looked "wrong". This is referring to the fact that, as the residents of the town get older, they become more fish-like. We've seen some examples of characters taking on fish-like features, like Mr. Gilman, but the people Grant would have seen would be much farther along in the process.


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