Witch Creek Road S4 E7 Commentary

Episode 7 (aka Innsmouth Part 6)

Faye attacks the cultists


SUMMARY: The cultists tell Faye to step aside. She refuses, and they end up fighting. During the commotion, Nadine, Ollie and Grant escape out the back of the restaurant. Grant runs into (literally) the girl from the ice cream shop, knocking them both to the ground. When Grant tries to help her up, she stabs him and calls to the cultists. Knowing they can't save him, Nadine and Ollie abandon Grant and run away.


THE CULTISTS: During their interaction, we're given the impression that the townspeople of Innsmouth tolerate Faye's presence, as long as she stays out of their way. Unfortunately, both parties have their eyes set on the teens, which causes a confrontation between Faye and the cultists.

FAYE: Faye appears to have a high threshold of pain. For example, she's stabbed a few times and doesn't seem bothered by this in the slightest. She's also extremely strong, and is quick to anger. It's unknown if the anger always lived inside her, or if her relationship with the Shark brought this out.

Note that, when I imagine Faye, I view her as the closest thing this world has to a "superhuman". Not a superhero, because that would imply that she was good, but a superhuman. For example, while Pandora chose something akin to immortality from her god, Faye apparently chose strength.

THE CULTISTS vs FAYE: Unfortunately for the cultists, they're just human. Or, at best, fish-human hybrids. Faye is the avatar to a god. One on one, the cultists have no chance. And, as made clear in this chapter, the cultists still have a difficult time when it's three on one. The only way they might stop Faye is by overwhelming her with sheer numbers.


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