Witch Creek Road S4 E8 Commentary

Episode 8 (aka Innsmouth Part 7)

Nadine and Oli try to stay out of sight


SUMMARY: Being unable to help Grant, Nadine and Oli run away. They make their way to the river, where they encounter some humanoid fish creatures (Deep Ones). Nadine and Oli run and find themselves trapped in an alley. Oli helps Nadine over the fence, and then turns to face the Deep Ones in order to buy Nadine some time to escape.


DEEP ONES: Deep Ones are an immortal race of ocean-dwelling humanoid fish creatures. They possess amphibian-like qualities and can survive on the surface for extended periods of time. The only thing that can kill Deep Ones is excessive physical injury.

Deep Ones are known to regularly mate with humans. These unions result in hybrids, which begin life looking human. However, as these hybrids age, they begin to physically change. The rate of change differs for everyone, but is usually complete around middle age, at which point they will return to the ocean to live.

OLI'S SACRIFICE: The episode begins with Oli expressing his disapproval of leaving Grant behind. "He was being nice!" he says. "Are you just going to up and abandon me too if I do something nice?" Nadine replies that, yes, if Oli being nice puts them in danger, she'll leave him, too.

At the end of the episode, Oli sacrifices himself so that Nadine can get away. He tells her, "It's okay. It's time for you to go. I'm about to do something nice," which is a callback to how the episode began.

RANDOM FACT: Nadine and Oli have been good friends for quite a while, and even attended Homecoming together:

Nadine and Oli attend Homecoming together

The above image is one of the yearbook-related images that appear in the Witch Creek Road Yearbook Edition Hardcover.


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