Witch Creek Road S4 E12 Commentary

Episode 12 (aka Two Weeks Ago)

Amity is pretending to be dead

SUMMARY: Amity is in the morgue and about the be the subject of an autopsy. Grace stops time and confronts Amity, telling Amity that she needs to stop pretending to be dead. Amity explains that she's tired, but Grace eventually convinces Amity to return to her home in the Dreamlands.


THE ANGLES: Just as Amity is about to be cut open, Grace pulls her into the angles. This is something we've seen Grace do previously (ie. with the old man in Season 3, Episodes 18 and 19). This removes Amity from time, so that even though the doctor is about to begin the autopsy, Grace and Amity can speak freely, and as long as they want, without worry of the autopsy actually being performed.

The movement into the angles is symbolized by the clock, and how the second hand stops ticking. When Grace returns Amity to the curves, we see the second hand on the clock start to move again.

THE DREAMLANDS: The Dreamlands is a location within Lovecraftian literature that exists as an alternate dimension. It's occasionally visited by people while they sleep - and in some ways it's similar to the "real" world, in that the real world and the Dreamlands both share the same planets, stars and constellations. However, the Dreamlands also contains many different races and creatures.

The Dreamlands within this story is very tame, in that it exists as a sort of alternate "Frontier America". It lacks technology, and possesses some strange (and dangerous) creatures, such as the one that followed Amity through the window.

GRACE'S REQUEST: It's not until Grace asks Amity to take her brothers into the Dreamlands that Amity opens her eyes and stops pretending to be dead. Grace's love for her brothers is what causes Amity to eventually agree to return home.

CENSORED: We've definitely been censored a few times in previous seasons, but the content team decided Grace's lack of obvious clothing needed to be addressed. This felt a bit odd because they didn't seem to mind her lack of clothing back in Season 3, Episodes 18 and 19 - but maybe they had been distracted by all the blood (which, in the Webtoons version, needed to be reduced). In the end, for any scene featuring Grace, we either needed to remove some of the linework or strategically place the word balloons.


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