Witch Creek Road S4 E13 Commentary

Episode 13 (aka One Week Ago, Part 1)

The creature is locked away in a cage


SUMMARY: Amity returns to Arkham to collect the strange book from the old man's house. While there, the creature that had followed her through the window catches her scent and begins calling out to her. Amity investigates and finds the creature locked within a cage. After some discussion, Amity agrees to free the creature so it can return home with her; the creature promises to protect her in return.


THE CREATURE: It's been a while since we've seen the creature, and we only saw it in context of something that was attacking Amity. Here we learn that the creature possesses intelligence, and, through interactions with the old man, has actually learned to speak. We also learn that the creature understands the concept of “home” and desperately wants to return.

THE BOOK: Amity is shown holding the same book that Shaleeta had been using to gain power in seasons two and three. This is also the book that had originally been used to summon the Wolves in the first place.

TRUST: In this episode, Amity is faced with a similar dilemma to Nadine, in which Amity has to decide whether or not she can trust the creature, just as Nadine had to decide if she could trust the Local. Even the questions and answers were almost the same:

  • Nadine: How do I know I can trust you?
  • Local: You don't.


  • Amity: How can I trust you?
  • Creature: You can't.

In this situation, we see how both girls react. Nadine, up to that point, had been helped by the Local. Amity, on the other hand, had been attacked by the creature (see Season 2 Episode 3). However, it's Nadine who chooses not to trust, instead stabbing the Local in the neck; Amity, on the other hand, puts aside the previous attack and releases the creature from its cage.


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