Witch Creek Road S4 E14 Commentary

Episode 14 (aka One Week Ago, Part 2)

Sara and the Assistant play chess


SUMMARY: Sara and the Assistant are playing chess. After hearing a commotion coming from downstairs, they go to investigate and come face to face with Amity and the creature. After Sara learns that Amity plans to return to the Dreamlands, she tells the Assistant to go with Amity since there's nothing left for him in Arkham - and because the world might be ending anyway.


CHESS: This episode is a direct follow-up to Season 3 Episode 20, in which Sara asked the Assistant if he wanted to play checkers, and the Assistant suggested chess instead. At that time Sara was reluctant and commented that the Assistant always wins, and in this episode we see them playing chess, and we see the Assistant win.

THE SPIDER GOD: We learn that Sara went in search of the spider god connected to the mask the Assistant gave her in Season 3 Episode 20, and while Sara initially found nothing, upon the locals seeing her, they began to worship her and she, in fact, became the very god she was searching for. 

THE KISS: After some friendly back-and-forth, Sara kisses the Assistant. The kiss isn't meant to signify the start of a romance; rather, it's a kiss of appreciation, and of farewell. The Assistant has always treated Sara as a person, rather than a monster or a demon, and while it's true Sara has a bit of a crush on him, she also knows that something bad is coming and that the assistant needs to leave town.

While Sara might have a bit of a crush on the Assistant, she's also pushing him to leave and follow Amity into the Dreamlands.

WITCH CREEK ROAD: Amity shows Sara a note that Grace left for Amity; it contains the location Amity needs to go: Witch Creek Road. This creates a sort of circle, in which the location of multiples murders in season 1 will become what potentially saves some people in season 4.


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