Witch Creek Road S4 E15 Commentary

Episode 15 (aka The End, Part 1)

Thompson writes Trish a letter


SUMMARY: Detective Thompson writes (and delivers) a heartfelt letter of apology to his ex-wife.


THE SERPENT: We see that Thompson and the Serpent have had some conversations, and that the Serpent has explained that Pandora is to blame for Hailey being injured rather than the Wolves. The Serpent describes the Wolves as a gun, but “it was Pandora's finger on the trigger.”

TRISH'S ABSENCE: In part of the letter, Thompson mentions, “I'm glad you've left town,” and he later alludes to the fact that Trish is staying with her sister. This may end up being a good thing, considering some of the characters believe that something bad is coming... Even Thompson feels this, mentioning, "There's something wrong with this city. It's like a tree with dead roots, just waiting for a big gust of wind to blow it over."

THIS ENDS TONIGHT: In Season 2, Thompson told Trish, "This ends tonight." At the time, he was being optimistic. That's not to say he believed there would be a happy ending, but he believed that, whatever was happening, he could end it. This time, however, it's the opposite: whatever happens, Thompson fully expects to die. After all, if he expected to live, then he could tell Trish everything to her face. Instead, he's puts everything into a letter. He's saying good-bye.


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