Witch Creek Road S4 E16 Commentary

Episode 16 (aka The End, Part 2)

Pandora talks to the Eye


SUMMARY: Pandora and “The Eye” talk about life, love, and child Charlotte (aka “The Heart”) had with Richard. The Eye convinces Pandora that the son is likely still alive, and so Pandora sends the Wolves to go find the “Wolf that isn't a Wolf” (aka Grace) to find out where the son is now.


THE EYE: The Eye is Pandora's missing (and final) body part. The Eye being a man is meant to show that Pandora's body parts can use people of either gender as a host.

PANDORA vs EVE: During the conversation with the Eye, the Eye mentions that Eve was stuck with the blame for the loss of the garden (referring to Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden), but the Eye also concedes that “Eve only exists because we ate from the tree and introduced a new narrative into the world.” This is referring to the Pandora's “origin story”, which was told in Season 3, in which Pandora ate from the forbidden tree and introduced time into the world. When time was introduced, the past and the future suddenly came into being. Pandora, who had been the first woman up until that point, and who had been the wife of Adam, was cast out of the garden, and Eve was created to take her place.

THE LOCATION: Though perhaps not obvious, Pandora is in the same place we saw her summon the Wolves way back in Season 2 Episode 24. In fact, if you look at the background, you'll see the "door" Pandora drew to summon them.

GOOFS: The Eye starts referring to Pandora's child as her “son” without actually being told the child's gender. I believe there had been a line of dialogue originally where Pandora had specified the child was a boy, but somewhere in the editing process this line was lost and I never updated the subsequent dialogue.


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