Witch Creek Road S4 E17 Commentary

Episode 17 (aka The End, Part 3)

Thompson confronts Pandora


SUMMARY: Detective Thompson seeks revenge for what happened to Hailey (see Season 3 Episode 22) and attempts to kill Pandora. During their confrontation, Pandora realizes that Thompson is her son. While she hesitates, Thompson uses Gun to shoot her, and as Thompson kills her, the Eye smashes a cinder block over Thompson's head, killing Thompson as well. In the end, both Pandora and Thompson are dead, and the Eye is unconscious.


KNIVES: During their interaction, Pandora mentions, “I prefer guns, but one of my fingers gained an affinity toward knives.” This is a reference to Wendy, one of the main characters from “The Living Finger”.

PANDORA'S PAIN: When Thompson shoots Pandora, she feels pain for the first time since becoming "immortal". This enrages and confuses her, and causes her to ask Thompson what he's done. In truth, the pain is the result of being shot by Gun, which is a supernatural living weapon.

THE EYE: When Pandora dies, the Eye also dies. This causes the body the Eye had been using to fall unconscious. When the body eventually regains consciousness, the Eye will be gone, and the controlling personality will revert back to the original person.

THE RITUAL: While the ritual in Innsmouth was meant to summon Dagon, the death of Pandora attracts the attention of her god, and causes something far worse to enter this world.

ALTERNATE ENDINGS: There was one version of this episode in which Thompson and Pandora “killed” one another, but before dying, Pandora managed to prop herself up against the wall into a sitting position. Thompson, who understood that things were over, used the last of his strength to walk to Pandora and sit down beside her. Pandora turned to Thompson and said, “I'm sorry about your daughter,” to which Thompson replied, “I'm sorry about your son.” And the world ended with them sitting next to one another, never understanding what each one meant to the other.


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