Witch Creek Road S4 E18 Commentary

Episode 18 (aka The End, Part 4)

The many Grace's attack one of the Wolves


SUMMARY: The Wolves go in search of "the Wolf that isn't a Wolf" and find Grace. Once the Wolves realize that Pandora is dead, they decide to attack Grace. This doesn't go well, and two of the three Wolves are killed.


SHE'S PRACTICALLY A GOD NOW: The episode begins to illustrate what Sara meant when she said, "After all, she's practically a god" way back in Season 2 Episode 15.

With regards to Grace, she's an angle version of a curve creature - meaning she both exists outside of time but also understands time. This allows her to manipulate time in ways that other angle creatures cannot (represented by the fact that, when she pulled the angles into the curves, everything became white, versus the pitch black that we usually see inside the angles).

FULL CIRCLE: This episode comes full circle to the first few episodes of season one. In season one, the three cheerleaders arrive and find the Wolves standing in the middle of a field. In this episode, the three Wolves arrive and find Grace standing in the middle of a parking lot. The one Wolf, full of confidence, attacks Grace and quickly dies, just as Abby, full of confidence, approached the Wolves and quickly died. In the end, only Sara survived the initial encounter, just as the main Wolf is the only one to survive this encounter.

Grace's hand atop the Wolf's head is a parallel to the Wolf's hand atop Sara's head

The final image of Grace, her hand atop the Wolf's head, also parallels the Wolf placing her hand atop Sara's head.


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