Witch Creek Road S4 E19 Commentary

Episode 19 (aka The End, Part 5)

The very presence of the Unravelling Madness causes people to go mad 

SUMMARY: A series of brief glimpses into the lives of those who witness the Unravelling Madness, and the madness that ensues as a result.


THE WORLD ISN'T RIGHT: The Unravelling Madness causes most people to go mad simply by looking at it. In short, their minds can't "translate" what they're seeing. The only person to make it out relatively okay was Mad Tom, who was already mad. Seeing the Unravelling Madness still affected him, but it was more like a hard reset in which he walked away feeling more or less okay.

In the Webtoons comment section, poolresurection observed: "Everyone suffering in pain and agony at its presence; meanwhile Mad Tom just becomes Regular Tom. And considering this series, that's probably the best ending anyone's had so far lol".

PANDORA'S FATE: With Pandora's passing, time finally catches up with her; the result is that she's now nothing but dust.


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