Witch Creek Road S4 E22 Commentary

Episode 22 (aka The End, Part 8)

The many versions of Grace 

SUMMARY: Grace and Tenebris come face to face with the Unravelling Madness.


AMITY: We see Amity, along with a group of others, arrive at the cabin where this story began. Included in the group are Grace's two younger brothers, and the Assistant, who had previously been employed by the Richard Hellier (aka the Collector, aka the Old Man).

"There are places where the curtain between worlds is thin and frayed," and Amity uses the Book of Angles to open a doorway back to her own world (the Dreamlands). It's Grace's belief that the Dreamlands will be safe from the waking eldritch gods.

LEGION: We learn that Grace actually exists in every moment, from the beginning of time onward. "She exists in all of these moments simultaneously. Each version autonomous. Each version connected to the rest." We first saw this in Season 4 Episode 18, when Grace created a pocket of reality outside of time, but still within the curves. And within this pocket of timelessness, other versions of herself began to appear.

In this latest episode, we see Grace call out to more versions of herself, and more and more begin to appear - though still only a small portion of what would almost be an infinite number of Graces.

The name Legion comes from the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament, as does the line, "My name is Legion, for we are many” - though in this case, Grace swaps out "we" for "I".

THE HEARTBEAT WITHIN THE EASTERN PINE: Though this is a story we may never explore, the heartbeat that Grace is listening to belongs to Connie. Don't remember Connie? That's okay, it's been a while. Connie was one of the final survivors from season 1. She and Edwin had been trying to escape from the Wolves, but Connie was captured. She begged Edwin to help, but Edwin instead ran away in an attempt to save himself.

Just as there are three Wolves, there are three "monsters" that were created and left behind: Sara, Edwin, and Connie. (Note that, while some people mistakenly believe that Grace was created by the Wolves, the Wolves played no role in Grace's creation).


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