Witch Creek Road S4 E23 Commentary

Episode 23 (aka Aftermath, Part 1)

Arkham has been destroyed 

SUMMARY: The city has been destroyed. Grace, the Serpent (along with Tenebris), and the surviving Wolf, discuss how they've only prolonged the inevitable, and that the world is destined for destruction.

Meanwhile, Nadine (from the Innsmouth episodes) has been arrested, and is being questioned over the murder of the young man. Faye (the avatar of the demon shark) arrives to collect Faye.


THE AFTERMATH: Originally, this entire episode was meant to show the aftermath of all the death and destruction caused (both directly and indirectly) by the presence of the god. This was significantly reduced, due to it being a whole lot of exposition that didn't actually move the story forward. At the same time, there were some elements in these missing pages that I'd enjoyed, so if Kenan and I ever create a "Remastered" edition, you can expect to see these missing pages included!

KAIJU FIGHT: Some readers will, no doubt, be disappointed that the fight between the Unravelling Madness, Grace and Tenebris was never shown. The problem with a showdown of this magnitude is that it would be very difficult to do it justice - and no matter what happened, there would be people left unfulfilled. Instead, we'll let this battle live within the imagination of the readers...

(And that's not to say I wouldn't one day like to see the battle produced - but it would definitely be best suited for animation or live action.)

THERE ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE THREE: When the main Wolf arrives, she says to Grace, "There always needs to be three." Grace agrees, and mentions to the Wolf that the other two are waiting for her within the Angles. The Wolf asks if the other two will remember the events this time, and Grace tells her no.

This is somewhat significant, and it's meant to hint at the fact that the Wolves who were "killed" have been recreated within the angles. Which means that, while they may look similar to the previous Wolves, they're not quite the same. Furthermore, it's hinted at that Grace has some control over whether or not the recreated Wolves will remember what happened.

FAYE AND NADINE: Things don't look good for Nadine at the end of her epilogue. The one good thing is that Faye has no intention to kill Nadine - rather, she simply wants to return to the water and offer Nadine as a sacrifice to her god. And there's a lot that can happen between now and when they get back to Innsmouth...


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