Witch Creek Road S4 E24 Commentary

Episode 24 (aka Aftermath, Part 2)

Amity answers questions about the Dreamlands

SUMMARY: Amity hosts a Q&A for the people who joined her on her journey into the Dreamlands.

Meanwhile, Sara's mother learns that Arkham has been destroyed and fears the worst. However, she's able to speak to Sara through the angles, and learns that Sara is no longer in Arkham. We see Sara, now fully embracing her role as a spider god.


THE DREAMLANDS: The town that Amity is leading everyone towards is the town of Hathek, which Keifer had described back in Season 4 Episode 12. It hasn't been discussed what will happen once they arrive there, though Amity intends to take the two boys with her to her farm. (The boys are the younger brothers of Grace - and while Amity is unsure if she'll ever see Grace again, she feels particularly responsible for these two).

"THAT WAS ALWAYS THE DREAM": Sara's mom is now in Seattle; when Sara learns this, she tells her mom that she's proud of her because "That was always the dream." In short, Sara and her mom used to talk about moving. Neither of them were particularly happy, and talking about some "far off place" where they could start a new life and be happy was always a comfort. Of course, they never did. They stayed in Arkham and continued to live their unhappy lives, afraid to go somewhere new in case it turned out to be just as bad.

Why Seattle? Why not? The first Starbucks. Fisherman's Wharf. Sleepless in Seattle. It seemed like as good a place as any...


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