Witch Creek Road S4 E25 Commentary

Episode 25 (aka Aftermath, Part 3)

Hailey summons the Unravelling Madness

SUMMARY: Hailey, who has been admitted once again to a psychiatric hospital, summons the same god her grandmother summoned thousands of years ago. She gains two new companions: sentient guns.


FULL CIRCLE: Pandora studied the stars and learned the language of the void. She used blood magic and summoned a god - who, in turn, made Pandora his avatar. Likewise, Hailey studied the stars and learned the language of the void. She uses blood magic and summons the same god - who, due to the death of Pandora, makes Hailey his new avatar.

THE NEW SCARRED WOMAN: Like Pandora, who eventually came to be known as "The Scarred Woman," Hailey has also begun to accumulate her own scars.

The three guns

THE GUNS: Gun (left), which identified itself as "Gluttony", had a circle on its handle. This symbolized the Curves. In contrast, the new guns, which identify themselves as "Judgement", have triangles on their handles. These symbolize the Angles.


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