Season 3 Creative Team


Garth Matthams lives on an island in Canada, with 2 rabbits, his beautiful wife, and the occasional spider that his previously-mentioned wife refuses to let him kill. He loves horror movies, comic books and visiting "haunted" locations, and one day hopes to be killed by an angry spirit (but also requests that any angry spirit wishing to take him up on this wait a good number of years before carrying it out...)

You can follow him on Instagram at garththegeek.



Kenan Halilović is a freelance comic book artist from Bosnia who spends his free time hanging out with his friends and family, drawing circles to summon the spawns of darkness from the depths of hell - no matter how cute or charming they might be! - and supporting his local football team.

You can follow him on Facebook at Kenan Halilović Art.



Dayna Broder is a big nerd (of small stature), who's living the dream immersed in comics. She received her MA in Sequential Arts from SCAD in 2017, and has been an editor at Webtoon since the beginning of 2018. She lives in LA with her two rats, and possibly too many books.



Anna Jarmolowska is a 2D graphic designer, illustrator, and colorist. She's been working for around 8 years in game development and creating illustrations for RPGs and card games, including Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime and Tiny Gladiators 2 and has recently begun lending her coloring talents to the second season of Witch Creek Road.

Anna has always loved drawing and creating characters, and has always wanted to be a part of creating comic books. You can follow her on Facebook at Anna Jarmolowska Art.


LUCA CICOGNOLA (guest artist)

Luca Cicognola was born in Perugia, Italy, with a comic book in the hand and a passion for drawing. After studying at an art institute, he attended a comic class for three years at NID (the New Institute of Design). Since 2017, he has worked as a freelancer comic artist, and has had his series, "The Steam Chronicles" (with writer Antonio Sepe), and graphic novel, "Aeterna" (with writer Alessandro Di Virgilio), published by Noise Press.

Most recently, Luca has had a short comic, “I Promise” (with writer AJ O. Mason), published in Alterna Comics' anthology series, "It Came Out On A Wednesday", and another comic, “My Giant Strange Friend” (also with writer AJ O. Mason), published by Oneshi Press.

You can check out Luca's online portfolio here, and also follow him on Facebook.


VIVIANA DI CHIARA (guest colorist)

Viviana Di Chiara was born in 1992 among the sunny hills of Italy, with a comic in one hand and a pencil in the other. After having studied at the European Institute of Design and later at the International School of Comics, both in Rome, she decided to combine her love for playing with colors and comics and has been working as a colorist ever since.

You can check out Viviana's online portfolio here, or follow her on Facebook.