Witch Creek Road Season 1 Digital Download

Witch Creek Road Season 1 Digital Download

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A survival horror comic about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy, flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.


Cards on the table: you can read this for absolutely free over on Webtoons.

Free, you say?!

Yes, free. So don't go spending your hard-earned cash on this unless:

  • You want to read it in the more traditional "comic book" format, rather than the vertical scroll of Webtoons
  • You want to read the entire story, including the pages that were removed from the Webtoons version
  • You want to see the fun "Yearbook" pages that were created as in-between pages for the hardcover edition
  • You want an edition you can read offline
  • You enjoyed the comic and just want to show your support
  • Or maybe something entirely different

Regardless of your reason, if you do decide to purchase the PDF, thank you!

This particular PDF contains Witch Creek Road Season 1 (Episodes 1-20). Altogether, it's just over 160 pages of sequential art. In addition to the sequential pages, you'll also get a pinup gallery, covers, "In Memory Of" pages, and yearbook pages - altogether adding up to a grand total of 224 pages. All for the low price of $6 CDN!